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91-year-old former player cheers on Zags

91-year-old former player cheers on Zags

SPOKANE, Wash. - Bill Schauble played for the Zags from 1946 through 1950.

Bill and his wife are both very excited about Monday night's game.

The Zags are making history, something Bill knows quite a bit about. He helped the Zags make it to their first national tournament in 1948.

“We were called the “G Whiz Kids” then,” Bill said.

Scattered newspaper clippings and old photographs litter the table where Bill Schauble lives, telling the story of a historic basketball career for the 91-year-old former player.

Thinking about Gonzaga University, it's hard for Bill to find anything but good memories.

As a star athlete, Bill played both baseball and basketball, and helped Gonzaga make it to its first ever national tournament.

“We traveled by train, of course, in those days,” Bill said. “It was slow going.”

Now, nearly 70 years later, Bill is watching history in the making again, though on a much larger scale.

It's a team he feels couldn't be more deserving.

“They impressed me because they play as a team,” he said. “They have the team concept, rather than the individuals, and they're just like a family.”

So, Bill will be watching the game Monday closely, with his Zag pride on full display.

And who wouldn't be proud, when he helped define what it means to be a Zag.

Bill says he enjoyed going to the games, but at 91, moving around can be difficult.

So, he's just fine enjoying the game at home, with pizza, soda, and his family.