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4 Things to Know for April 4th

SPOKANE, Wash. - Happy Tuesday! Here's some things you should know this morning. 

A heartbreaking end to a historic season for the Zags last night, but fans are holding their heads high. Many are proud of the unprecedented success for the Bulldogs this year, and the way it has brought the community together. While this was a tough loss, now fans are just looking forward to next season. Full story here and here

Police in Colville are still searching for a missing 83-year-old woman with Alzheimer's who has been missing for a week. Tribal police say Estelle Abbott was last seen in Inchellium, on the east edge of the Colville Reservation. She left her home last Monday to get the mail, accompanied by a tan and grey pitbull, but did not return. Abbott has blonde hair and blue eyes, is 5'7" and 150 lbs. She was last seen wearing a red sweater and blue jeans. If you have any information on where she may be, call Colville Tribal Police at

A Western Washington man who is accused of shooting and killing an intruder in his shower made his first appearance yesterday. Bruce Fanning told detectives he was defending himself from the intruder, who he was drunk and making threats. Prosecutors say Fanning's actions were not self defense, and are facing him with second-degree murder charges. The victim was 31-year-old Nate Rosa, who police think may have been in the home by accident. 

The showdown over the Supreme Court seat is getting intense. Democrats are vowing to filibuster, Republicans are saying they will 'go nuclear,' by rewriting Senate rules to muscle Neil Gorsuch onto the high court. They hope to lower the confirmation threshold to a filibuster-proof number in order to stop the Democrats from blocking the nomination. Full story here