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Parents mourn 3-year-old killed in Spokane Valley house fire

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - It's been a heart-wrenching few days for a Spokane Valley family who lost a daughter when their home caught fire Sunday morning.

That fire in the 10400 block of E. Springfield took the life of 3-year-old Latoya Monica Dinet Bables-Paradise. Her parents described her as a happy child who could always light up your day.

"She was really bossy, spunky. She was outgoing, spunky. She loved to sing. She always loved to sing," said Latoya's parents Kayla Paradise and Curtis Bables.

Early Sunday morning, Latoya was asleep in the basement of the Spokane Valley home, when a fire broke out. She shared a room with her other two siblings, who ran upstairs to wake up their parents and say their room was on fire.

"It was hot," said Paradise. "You couldn't see anything. In seconds the living room was filled and the fire alarms were going off."

Paradise says she tried several times to get back down to the basement, but the flames were moving too quickly. She managed to get her other two children out of the house. She then tried to break a window into the basement, but the fire was too strong.

"I couldn't see her, I couldn't find her, I couldn't hear her. It was too fast," she said.

Now, Paradise and Bables say they just want to bury their daughter, but don't have enough money. A friend set up a GoFundMe, but Paradise says it has been plagued by negativity.

"All we're getting is a lot of negative remarks from people saying we didn't try, when we tried our hardest," said Paradise through her tears. "I tried to save my baby and all people are saying is I didn't."

The family just hopes they can provide Latoya a funeral that can honor her bright spirit.

Tuesday, the Spokane Valley Fire Department said it had completed its investigation into the cause of the fire. It ruled out all possibilities except a child playing with a heat source.