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Kellogg School District cancels class for remainder of week

PINEHURST, Idaho -  

UPDATE (1/10/18): 

All schools in the Kellogg School District are closed for the remainder of the week due to excessive illness-related absenses. Schools will re-open on Monday, Jan. 15 (Martin Luther King Day). 


Previous (1/9/18): 

Kellogg School District officials have decided to close Pinehurst Elementary School for the rest of the week due to excessive illness-related absences, according to the Shosone News-Press. 

Superintendent Woody Woodford told the News-Press that 140 students out of the total enrollment of 430 missed school on Tuesday due to illness, roughly 32 percent of the total student body.

The spike in absences is due to a more than normal increase in flu cases going around the school.

The Panhandle Health District (PHD) begins monitoring schools when their absence rate goes above 8 percent, and recommend school closure when the absence rate is above 30 percent for three days in a row.

Tuesday was Pinehurst's second day above the 30 percent mark.

The school plans on reopening on Monday, Jan. 15. No other schools in the Silver Valley have closed, but this could change.

13 Idahoans have died from the flu this season, eight of which coming from the five northern counties.