Law enforcement stages mock DUI crash to spread message to high schoolers

SPOKANE, Wash. - Law enforcement and first responders from Spokane Fire, Spokane Police and Washington State Patrol teamed up with student actors, a towing service, and a funeral home to stage an elaborate mock DUI crash in front of Lewis and Clark on Wednesday morning.

The message they were all trying to spread, especially as high schools head into Prom and graduation season, is don't drink and drive.

"Nobody wants to make the phone call or knock on the door in the middle of the night, especially not in my profession to tell parents one of their kids has perished," said Washington State Patrol Trooper Jeff Sevigney.

Student actors used makeup to simulate the injuries they may have received in a fatal DUI crash and first responders went through all the motions in responding to the mock scene.  

"I was critically injured," said Lewis and Clark student Matthew Cotter, "so they were going to take care of the others first."

Cotter he said he got involved because the message of not drinking and driving is an important one.

"This is a big problem in high schools," he said. "This is something we need to avoid doing as best we can."

For parents who participated in the mock crash, as ones who got bad news of their child, the simulation is an important one to really hammer home the message of what could happen.

"I hope these kids think twice when they are out with their friends," said Rhonda Skinner, "whether its prom or any other night, I hope this has an impact on them."