K9 Kahn locates stolen gun ditched by fleeing suspect

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Just before 7 p.m. on December 9, Spokane Valley Deputy Gorham stopped a vehicle with no visible rear license plate in the area of Sprague and Dearborn.

When the vehicle stopped the male passenger, later identified as 30-year-old Brent Baughman, bailed out and ran away. As Baughman ran, he appeared to keep one or both hands if the front pocket of his hoodie, which seemed to be weighed down by something.

The adult female driver stated she didn’t know who her passenger was and explained she had just picked him up at the auto parts store.  A temporary tag was located in the rear window, but it could not be observed due to tinting and the angle of the glass.

Deputy Gorham concluded the traffic stop and began to check the area of Baughman.

Soon after, Deputy Kullman, who had responded to the area to assist, advised he was contacted by a worker in the area. 

The witness said that a suspicious man had run past him in the parking lot. The description of the man that the witness provided matched the description of the suspect. 

The witness explained that he saw the man going south through the parking lot of the McDonald’s located at Sprague and Havana.

Deputy Gorham located Baughman walking near Havana and 2nd.  When the Deputy called to him, Baughman put his hands in the air. When asked why he ran, Baughman initially acted like he wasn’t in the vehicle, but later admitted he ran because he had a warrant for his arrest. 

Deputy Gorham asked if he ditched anything when he fled and Baughman said no.

A check of Baughman’s name confirmed he had active warrants for his arrest (felony WA DOC warrant for Escape Community Custody and a Spokane City misdemeanor warrant for Resisting Arrest/Malicious Mischief).

Deputy Nelson-Felvarg transported and booked Baughman into the Spokane County Jail for his warrants while Deputy Gorham, Deputy Kullman and K9 Khan returned to the area from which Baughman initially fled.

K9 Khan began a track from that location as they looked for any items Baughman may have discarded.  

After working slowly and carefully, K9 Kahn came upon a group of bushes near the area where the witness had seen Baughman running. 

K9 Kahn laid down to signal that he had found something and when Deputy Kullman looked into the bushes he saw the butt end of a black handgun. 

The firearm was retrieved and a check of the serial number revealed it was reported stolen during a vehicle prowl.

The handgun was collected as evidence so that it could be checked for fingerprints and/or DNA evidence to prove that Baughman had it in his possession. 

Baughman could face additional charges of Possession of a Stolen Firearm and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm depending on the results of the forensic examination.