Iraqi refugee reunites with her son

Iraqi refugee reunites with her son

SPOKANE, Wash. - On a snowy Tuesday afternoon, Maha Al'Majidi anxiously waits for Alaska flight 686 to arrive.
“So excited. So excited,” she said.

It's 20 minutes late, but what's another 20 minutes to a mom who's waited nearly four years to see her son.

“You know, he's 12 years old now. I leave him when he was nine years, so it's terrible,” Maha said.

The mother couldn't help but smile as she saw her son, Yusef, walking towards her. The reunion was full of tears, embraces and a 'Welcome to America' sign.

Maha fled Baghdad four years ago and was forced to leave her family behind. She spent two years in Turkey before coming to the U.S. She's been working to bring Yusef here ever since, only seeing him once in the process.

“I saw him last year. I went back to Iraq, I visit,” Maha explained.

But it's been four years of canceled flights and immigration headaches. President Trump's first executive order on immigration made it seem the now 12-year-old would never make it over from Iraq. Maha says if she had to, she would have returned to the country to be with her family, even if that meant risking her life.

“Something terrible. I say, 'Ok. I'm done. I'll go back to my country.' They were going to kill me, it's ok. I will stay with my kids,” Maha says.

But today, Maha and Yusef are safe and free on American soil.

“I'm done now. I have my son. I don't need anything. I have all, all world,” Maha said.

She says she cooked a big meal for Yusef, but he was more excited to see snow for the first time.