Idaho Greeks self-impose sanctions on alcohol-related events

MOSCOW, Idaho - The University of Idaho's Greek housing student leadership has self-imposed a moratorium on all alcohol-related activities.

The moratorium is in response to a growing national crisis surrounding personal violence like hazing and sexual assault, as well as alcohol abuse. 

Unanimous decisions were made by the school's Interfraternity Council, Pahnhellinic Council, and the Multicultural Greek Council, the student-led governing bodies of 34 Idaho fraternities and sororities. 

“In a time where the future of Greek life is uncertain, the fraternity men at the University of Idaho have taken it upon themselves to recognize the issues we are facing,” said incoming IFC president Sammy Crofoot. “We decided to come together as a community to make the changes necessary to ensure the longevity of a healthy and safe experience in Greek life.”

Over the past year across the country, four fraternity men at different college have been killed in hazing and alcohol-related incidents., 

“The decision is a good example of laudable self-governance,” said U of I President Chuck Staben. “For our students to step up and take this on themselves, proactively, is proof of leadership in our student body.”

The duration or expected outcome of the moratorium have not been determined.