Gov. Inslee vetoes controversial Legislative Public Records Act

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Governor Inslee's office received 13,400 emails and 6,700 calls about ESB 6617, the Legislative Public Records Act. He also received hundreds of letter and faxes. 

Collectively, it was the largest reaction to a bill in the years that Inslee has been governor. On average, a bill will receive 50 phone calls, his office told KXLY. 

The bill was introduced and passed with bipartisan support, and adding further controversy, passed within 48 hours, with no time for a public hearing. 

The huge out-cry and ultimate veto prompted these responses from state legislators on both sides of the aisle. 

Click here for the House Democrat's response. 

Click here for the House Republican's response. 

Click here for the Senate Democrat's response. 

Lawmakers now say they will head back to the drawing board to draft up a new bill, this time though they will be doing so with the assistance of a special task force, comprised of journalists, open government advocates and the attorney general. There will also be opportunity for public comment. 

No time-line has been announced for this new bill.