Gonzaga University ranked in the Top 20 Percent of National Universities

SPOKANE, Wash. - Gonzaga University is ranked in the Top 20 Percent among national universities, according to data from the 2020 U.S. News and World Report.

The report also categorized Gonzaga as a ‘National University' for the first time, graduating from the ‘Regional University' category from previous years. This also puts it on the playing field with 399 other National Universities.

According to the report, Gonzaga University is ranked in the Top 50 for graduation and retention, the Top 5% for best undergraduate teaching, and their engineering and undergraduate business ranks among the best in the country.

As it stands, Gonzaga is tied for 79th place in the nation, sharing the spot with Baylor University, Binghamton University, Indiana University and the University at Buffalo. It is a crowded spot, but the report categorizes schools based on tuition cost, enrollment, acceptance rate, retention, degrees offered, master's and doctoral programs as well as subjective metrics like diversity, setting, sports and gender distribution.

Out of 399 National Universities, Gonzaga boasts recognition in several specialty rankings in the report — the top 12% for best colleges for veterans, the top 7% for engineering programs, and the top 28% for undergraduate business programs.

For more information, you can find Gonzaga's profile listed here.

Additionally, the list of National University rankings can be found here.

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