Give 4 Kids: Brody's Story

SPOKANE, Wash. - The bond between the Cougars and the Brown family is a strong one, and it's not hard to see why.

Brody's life with leukemia is much more serious, but a model for the life of a football player: one day at a time, trying to get better every day, and living in a routine.

“It means a lot to watch the team...and it's really sweet to see them with Brody and how they show love,” said Kinzie Brown, Brody's mom. “It's been special.”

Over the last year, Brody's routine has changed a bit.

He's in school now, and he even started wrestling.

Brody is a lot bigger than a year ago, and has a full head of hair now. Something that simple can make a big difference.

Still, Brody is in treatment, and the trips from Pullman to Spokane continue to be part of the routine.

This routine is made easier by the care that Brody gets from Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

“The nurses and the doctors and everyone on staff choose to be here every day,” said Kinzie. “It just reminds you of the goodness of people and what they're trying to do for someone that is in the lowest part of their life.”

Brody's approach to his treatment is something we can all learn from.

Certainly, every football coach would love for their team to handle their sport the way Brody handles his life.

“There's a lot in life to just take away from watching kids do hard things when they don't have a choice.”