Freeman High School shooting shakes tight-knit community

ROCKFORD, Wash. - Freeman High School is home to more than 300 students.  It's a school where everyone knows each other and just about everyone is considered a friend.

The whole community is feeling pain and sadness Tuesday night after a student opened gunfire around 10 a.m. at the school, killing one student and injuring three others.

Parents were frantic as they tried to find their children after students were released from the school after Freeman went on lockdown. As students filed out of the school, tears were running down many of their parents' faces.

Freeman students say they know everyone in the school, including the shooter and the three injured students, and the student who was killed in his effort to stop the shooting.

For the student who was killed, one student KXLY spoke with had nothing but postitive things to say about the victim.

"He was in the grade below me and I was shocked," said Casey Fitzgerald. "He was a nice kid and never harmed anyone. I'm just praying for the victims right now that are in the hospital."

Fitzgerard said he was on the other side of the school in the locker room when a coach came in and told them to hunker down in the back room. He said they could hear gunshots and then police running through the building.