Freeman High community meet inside school for first time since shooting

Freeman High students, families,...

As a group, the students, families, teachers and staff met inside Freeman High School for the first time since the shooting. 

"You would have been proud, you would have been proud and I can tell you I am proud," said Freeman Superintendent Randy Russell, speaking to how the school responded to the Wednesday's shooting. 

The meeting was an opportunity to begin the healing process, allow for parents to hear from administrators in person and to discuss how the community will move forward. 

"Lets not kid ourselves," said Russell, "it hurts. It cuts right down to the core."

He says the school has to pickup the pieces and put it all back together. He said he was confident it would happen. 

"You have to be looking out for each other, you have to be keeping an eye on each other" he said, speaking to the students. 

"If you see your child struggling, let us know we can help," he said to the parents. 

Law enforcement that spoke at the meeting said that the response from the students, parents and community allowed them to gather the evidence they needed to allow for the quickest of resolutions. 

There were more than a 100 counselors and mental health professionals available to students on Thursday and speakers iterated that no member of the Freeman family should be afraid to ask for help. 

"We will continue to be here for you as much as you need," said Brittany Campbell, with the North East Washington Educational Service District 101. "Counselors will be here for you Monday and throughout, we are not going to leave your side through this process."