Firefighters battle triple digit, record-tying heat at Silver Lake Fire

SPOKANE, Wash. - Over 100 firefighters are currently working the Silver Lake Fire in Cheney and the temperatures are matching up with the manpower.

"Its like running a marathon," said firefighter Dennis Benn, "you have to work to stay hydrated."

He says he wakes up in the morning and downs as much water as possible before heading out to the fire, where he will walk upwards of eight miles in thick clothing, carrying heavy gear.

"You can actually feel it coming out of you," he joked, "as you pour it in, you can feel it leaving your body."

But for Benn and many others battling the heat and the flames, the temperatures aren't a deterrent. They are there to fight the good fight.

"It's to help your fellow man, when you look and there's crops and timber and there's houses," he said, "we are trying to help people."

The Silver Lake fire is currently 65 percent contained and had multiple fire starts along I-90. The cause of the fire was burning material from a vehicle.

There are nearly 3,000 firefighters managing fires across the state that are currently burning over 34,000 acres.



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