Fire District 4 building new Deer Park station

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. - Spokane County Fire District 4 is building a new fire station in Deer Park.

In 2014, voters in Spokane County Fire District 4 approved a bond for facility and equipment updates.

Two fire stations have already been built and are in use, while a new station, Station 41, in Deer Park is currently under construction.

Station 41 is the largest station to be built in Deer Park. The station is being built in the center of town, so a community center is part of the project. The center will also serve as a large meeting/training room and accommodate up to 200 people. The facility is designed to serve the community for the next 30 plus years.

The station will also include new administration offices. Currently, the administration offices are located in Chattaroy.

The new apparatus bay is big enough to house 10 fire trucks. The size of the bay will grow according to need. The new bay doors will open vertically in less than three seconds, which will decrease response time. The doors also require less maintenance.

The living quarters at the new station will house 16 firefighters, more than double the current space in the area. 

The station is expected to open in early summer of this year.