Environmental restoration grants spread across Washington

SPOKANE, Wash. -     Efforts to improve water quality in Spokane County’s Little Hangman Creek received a boost Friday morning from the Washington Department of Ecology.

The Dept. of Ecology awarded the Hangman Conservation Partnership a grant of $17,000 to install 1,500 feet of livestock exclusion fencing, and put in off-stream water systems and heavy use areas to protect about 2,300 feet of stream corridor from livestock impacts.

Little Hangman Creek begins near Plummer, Idaho and crosses the border near Tekoa where it empties into Hangman Creek.

Overall, the Department of Ecology awarded nearly $450,000 to fund 14 different projects: Six are located in eastern Washington, five in western Washington and another three are considered to be of statewide significance that will significantly improve the natural environment in multiple watersheds.

The grants are funded through Ecology’s Terry Husseman Account designed to help local governments, conservation and port districts, tribal governments, fisheries enhancement groups, and other state agencies pay for a variety of environmental projects.