Elderly woman scammed out of money when threatened with jail time

KOOTENAI COUNTY, Idaho - A 91-year-old woman was scammed out of $1,500 when she was threatened with jail time because she supposedly didn't show up for jury duty.

The vitcim wasn't even called to serve on a Federal Jury.

But she didn't know that and was told the only way to avoid getting hauled off to jail that same day was to post a $1,500 bond.

The call came in on the victim's daughter's land line on Thursday afternoon.

It was from a man identifying himself as a Kootenai County Sheriff's Captain.

“I took over the phone and it was Captain Andy Boyle from the Sheriff's Department saying that she missed a grand jury summons and there's a bench warrant for her arrest,” said Deborah Christy, daughter of the victim.
The imposter threatened that Christy's mom was heading for jail, and that her arrest was imminent.

Deborah was dubious and was given a 208 number to call so she could argue for her mom's freedom with a prosecutor.

“The number answered, and said 'Justice Department, how may I direct your call'?” said Christy.

Miss Christy assumed she had dialed the Federal Courthouse in Coeur d'Alene.

The fake prosecutor told her she'd have to post a $1,500 bond by wiring their Chicago office the money from Walmart.

Christy said they told her not to tell the people at Walmart, which was just part of the scam.

In fact, the clerks at Walmart had already heard about the “jury duty” scam, and would have warned Christy.
Unfortunately, the scammers had done their research well. The real Captain Boyle appears on the Sheriff's Office website.

The suspects knew they could exploit a daughter's love for her elderly mother.

But Deborah is not afraid to tell you how she got played.

“This is humiliating, this is mortifying,” said Christy. “But if it keeps one other person from going through what I went through, it's worth it.”