WIAA bringing sports back February 1

4 News Now's Alex Crescenti reports.

SPOKANE, Wash. — It’s been almost a year now since local student athletes in Washington have been able to take the field. Now the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association has released a plan to return to play this semester. This will be in line with the Governors Healthy Washington Plan.

Starting on February 1st practices for sports including cross country, football, golf and volleyball can begin for students athletes here in the State of Washington, but officials from the Greater Spokane League say they are being allowed the freedom to choose their own schedule.

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“There’s nothing more important to me than getting these kids back and exercising to get them doing something, to show them other avenues of sports,” said Larissa Welch.

Welch is a mother of children who have all played high school athletics and is a volleyball coach herself.  She says while the return of sports is a relief, she is still a bit skeptical of them returning until it actually happens.

“There’s still a part of me that wonders if it will, but yes that is true there was a point where I did not think it was going to happen,” said Welch.

The fall sports, which fall under season one will run for seven weeks ending on March 20th. However due to the different climates in the State each district can reschedule a season to best fit their needs. The WIAA will then review season 2 and 3 later this month.  Leadership with the GSL says they are going to have to be prepared to make the necessary adjustments, especially when trying to fit three sports seasons into one semester.

“Us being coaches, being athletes, you’re always adjusting and making adjustments whether it’s in the game after the game and so during this time we’re getting thrown lots of curve balls, everything’s changing and we just keep adapting moving forward.” said Ken VanSickle the GSL Director.

One of the questions officials from the GSL need is how exactly will sports work in the phasing back process of activities in the state. I’m told the WIAA is working closely with the governor and his is aware about the concerns about athletics and activities for school children.