MOSCOW, Idaho — Several student journalists at the University of Idaho work for The Argonaut, the student newspaper.

In Daniel Ramirez’s time with The Argonaut, no story has been like the one unfolding on Queen Road.

“It’s frightening to think that four of my peers were murdered,” Ramirez said.

He’s a student journalist with the century-old news organization, along with 15 other students vying for a job in the news industry post-graduation.

Ramirez says from day one, they’ve witnessed a storm of misinformation, with the student body not knowing what to believe.

“Everyone’s asking us, ‘what happened?’, ‘What do you know?’ Friends coming to us, asking, ‘what do we need to do to be safe?'”

Many turned to him, and the news team at The Argonaut.

The story has attracted media teams from across the county to Moscow, some of which with predatory reporting behavior.

“There were so many national outlets and reporters harassing’s students,” Ramirez said.

Despite having an emotional tie to the community and student body, Ramirez has put his emotions on the backburner, working to get students and the community the right information.

“We want to give them the right information, the correct information and not cause any more harm to the families or friends of the victims,” Ramirez said.

Though he admits, it’s hard to shelve all the emotions that come with a story like this.

“It’s taxing on you, it wears your mind and your body to keep that internally and not let that show,” Ramirez said.

He says the vigil was the moment he finally did.

“Myself, I do care about this town, I do care about the people that live here,” Ramirez said. “It’s hard to listen to a parent talk about their child and not get emotional.”

As this story progresses, Ramirez and other student journalists at The Argonaut will prioritize the facts to serve the community as best as they can.

“We want to do best to this community and serve them as we have for the past 134 years,” Ramirez said.

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