Eastern Washington breaks ground on state-of-the-art science facility

CHENEY, Wash. - State legislators, school administrators and even students gathered around to commemorate what will soon be Eastern Washington University's brand new Interdisciplinary Science Center.

"There are a lot of people that are excited," said EWU President Mary Cullinan.  "This is an old, old science building. It went up in the 50s. You don't want to have the oldest science building in the state."

For at least two more years, that old science building will stay put while work on the new facility gets underway right next door. The 102,000 square foot building will feature 27 modern teaching labs and come complete with a glass sky walk connecting the old science building with the new.

The new building is expected to be finished in May of 2020, at which point, Eastern officials hope to receive more funds from the state to improve the existing science building.

"So we will be asking for design money and asking for build money in the future so that in a few years," explained Cullinan, "we will have an incredible STEM complex that is going to be fantastic for our students and our faculty and our community as well."