Dog burns his paw pads completely off on hot pavement, vets remind owners to remember your pets

With the near record-breaking heat we've been seeing, the sun is absolutely sizzling our walkways. Be it the streets, the sidewalks, they can get hot, and while humans have shoes for protection, remember your pets (likely) don't.

Veterinarians at Medical Lake Veterinary Clinic saw a case in which a three year old Golden Retriever had burned his paw pads almost completely off after going on a walk with his parents.

"They didn't notice he had bloody paw prints for a mile," said Dr. Heather O'Bannon, "he didn't complain, wine, or limp or anything."

What a dog.

"Obviously he didn't want to stop his walk, he didn't want to let his owners know," she said.

The photos of his paw pads were quite graphic and the muscles were clearly visible where the pad was supposed to be. Olaf was a trooper the whole time.

"We were able to clean around those pads without him even moving a muscle," she said, "he got lots of belly rubs."

She said they bandaged him up and put him on antibiotics and pain medication to prevent infection, and he will likely take several months to heal.

"Pads don't heal fast," O'Bannon said.

Her advice to pet parents is to not take your pets out for a walk in the heat of the day.

"The best time is in the morning or the evening," she said. "Or at least walk them on the grass if they need to go for a walk during the day, but avoid pavement at all costs."

If you can get them on your dog, dog shoes are also available.


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