Do you dare? Spokane tattoo parlors offer special Friday the 13th deals

SPOKANE, Wash. - The only scary thing about this Friday the 13th are these scary awesome deals tattoo parlors all over Spokane are having in honor of the spooky holiday. 

Hopefully, Spokanites can get past their "Triskaidekaphobia" (fear of the number 13) and go take advantage this special day. 

River City Tattoo Co. and Pacific Northwest Tattoo Co.are two of the shops offering the
$13 dollar tattoo deals this Friday. Third Eye Tattoo is also offering deals; tattoos that normally cost $100 will only cost you $31.

If tattoos aren't your thing, Garland Tattoo and Piercing is offering basic piercings for $13. 

Joe Ryd is the owner of Pacific Northwest Tattoo Co., who is partaking in the Friday the 13th tattoo sale. Ryd said the shop has over 100 designs to choose from and will be accepting walk-ins all day. 

"Its not just fun to tattoo, but we really enjoy tattooing so much that we like to offer the 13 dollar tattoos to anyone in the public who would like to get one, either to celebrate Friday the 13th or because its in their budget," said Ryd. 

The number 13 may seem unlucky, but if you're looking for a reasonably-priced tattoo or piercing this Friday, today's your lucky day!

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