CVHS student pays tribute through music

SPOKANE, Wash. - When Jenna Johansen learned about the shooting at Freeman High School, the singer and songwriter channeled her heartbreak into a moving tribute for Sam Strahan, the sophomore who died trying to protect his classmates.

Johansen, a junior at Central Valley High School, never met Sam.  Even so, she felt compelled to write a song about that tragic day. 

"When God gives me a song, I don't know what I'm writing until it's finished," said Jenna Johansen.

"It's amazing to see what he's written through me and I'm so happy to be a vessel for him," said Johansen.

Johansen said she wrote the song in about an hour.  When Sam's mom heard about the song titled, "Remember You," they met at a local coffee shop so Jenna could perform it for her.

"It was really emotional, half way through I looked up and she's crying and I wanted to start crying and I had to tell myself, 'Jenna don't cry, you are still singing'," said Johansen.

Johansen said Sam's family has asked her to perform the song at his memorial.

"One of the things that I told her, Sam's mom, was I may not have been there that morning, but God was and I feel like this is God's way of saying he was right there with her, he was there right there when she was sending him off to school," said Johansen.