Working for You: Avoiding porch pirates

SPOAKNE, Wash. - A couple on the north side of Spokane say they never expected anyone would take their packages off of their very hidden porch.

Especially being on a busy road, you wouldn't think people would just come up to our door,” said Morgan Boutz.

But tthat's exactly what happened this week after a delivery was dropped off outside of her northside home.

“I was home downstairs and apparently someone came and took our packages and I came out to get them and they were gone,” said Austin Niemela.

The couple installed a surveillance camera after a break in several months ago.

“So I looked at the footage from the security camera,” said Niemela.

Although the packages were tucked in the corner out of sight, the couple says the thief seemed to know right where to look.

“He knew they were there. He came right around the corner, grabbed them and then just turned around and walked off. He didn't come around and look for them he knew where they were,” said Niemela, “So I don't know if they were following the post man or what, watching him drop packages off to people.”

The couple says they've learned their lesson that for some, the holiday season isn't about giving, but about taking what isn't theirs.

“I'll just have everything shipped to the post office, at least this time of year,” said Niemela.