Crews continue to battle Snag Fire along Highway 195

Crews continue to battle Snag Fire...

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Snag Fire has been a scary sight for drivers and homeowners near Highway 195 on Saturday. The fire started on the hill adjacent to the highway around 10 a.m. Saturday morning and continues to spot up the hillside.

Spokane Fire District 3 says the fire is currently 30 percent contained. The challenge for firefighters is that they are coming upon the peak burn period so weather conditions like wind and high temperatures make it less favorable for firefighters to fight this fire.

A Level 2 Evacuation is in effect from the intersection of 195 and Washington Rd. to the south where 195 meets Paradise Road.

As it continued to spot, Fire District 3 continued to bring in resources.

"We have multiple agencies here," said Chief Cody Rohrbach of Spokane County Fire District 3. "Firefighters from the City of Spokane, firefighters from District 8 and District 3."

In addition to various land management agencies like the department of natural resources.

Rohrbach estimates there are between 50 and 100 firefighters working the Snag Fire on the ground.

The weather was beginning to cooperate in the late afternoon on Saturday but firefighters know that can change.

They have air support dropping water as we speak to keep it from growing.

Chief Rohrbach explains, “we're mixing helicopters and we're mixing our fire boxes which are essentially single engine tankers.”

They didn't get to start using them as soon as they would've liked, though.

“We had to ground an aircraft and could not use an aircraft initially on this fire because a drone was up in the air,” he added.

While drones are a great tool, if one collides with an aircraft it could prove fatal. Chief Rohrbach asks citizens to refrain from using drones as firefighters work to put out fires today and in the future.

If you plan on taking 195 this evening, be sure to slow down as the southbound lane closest to fire is shut down.

Crews are currently stationed off the other side of the highway where five homes are located.

Chief Rohrbach says these crews are mobilized so they can respond immediately if the wind pushes the fire to the opposite side of the highway.