Cougar gold cheese proves itself a holiday favorite

Cougar gold cheese proves itself a...

PULLMAN, Wash. - In Pullman, it's all about the crimson and gray. At the WSU creamery, however, it's about the gold. Cougar gold cheese, that is.

The tin cans of cheese are so popular that they're already sold out for the holiday season.

Cheese in a can that's straight out of the Palouse. The cheese is made by students in the creamery, but enjoyed around the world.

"It's all about WSU," creamery supervisor Eric Needham says. "We have our cows, we milk them, then we have the milk brought here and we make great cheese with it."

Needham is WSU's commander in cheese. He's supervised the campus creamery since 2005.

"It's a lot of fun," he said. "People are happy when they come in here."

Happy until it's sold out, however.. The holiday season is really busy at the creamery when it comes to cheese. They're out of their best selling product, but there are still other varieties in stock. 

The real question is what makes the cougar gold cheese so popular?

"It's a sharp white cheddar, it tastes like gold," said Needham. "That's why we call it cougar cold, besides Dr. Golding."

Dr. Golding is the man behind the secret ingredient. The ingredient is so secretive and unique, it's patented by the university. 

The creamery cranks out a quarter million cans of it every year, and now they've now decided to expand operations to meet a growing demand. 

You can still by cougar gold in select grocery stores, but it will cost a little more than buying it at the creamery in Pullman. After all, it's just the price you pay for gold.