Convicted killer, former Spokane deputy Tom Dibartolo back in work release

YAKIMA, Wash. - Former Spokane County deputy and convicted killer Thomas Dibartolo is back in work release at Ahtanum View Work Release in Yakima. 

A spokesperson for the Washington Department of Corrections said he was recently booked into the Yakima County Jail pending transport to the Spokane County Jail in preparation for a hearing in early November. 

RELEASE: Work release suspended for convicted killer, former Spokane County deputy Tom Dibartolo

WADOC said they have determined the movement was premature and Dibartolo will be returning to work release. He will be transported to the Spokane County Jail closer to the hearing date. 

Dibartolo, who was convicted of shooting his wife in the head and shooting himself to cover up the crime in 1996, has been on work release in Yakima since August. 

Dibartolo has been serving his time in Rhode Island since his conviction. He is nearing the end of his sentence and is scheduled to be released from custody in February 2020. 

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