Controversial sexual predator could be moving

SPOKANE, Wash - A convicted sexual predator whose release to Spokane last year drew the ire of some local law enforcement could be moving from his home in downtown Spokane.

Court records show David McCuistion's attorneys want him to move from the New Washington Apartments at 2nd and Washington to a home on North Lincoln. That home, just a stone's throw from the Spokane Arena, already houses 10 registered sex offenders.

McCuistion was released last year from the Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island under what's known as a Less Restrictive Alternative. It allows sexually violent predators to be released, despite never having received treatment for their diagnosed mental illness. 

McCuistion committed his crimes in western Washington and had no ties to Spokane. Also, a Pierce County judge approved the New Washington Apartments for him to live in, over strenuous objections from the state.

Washington Department of Corrections had recently terminated its agreement with New Washington Apartments because of the decline in security and other factors.

New Washington has already tried to evict McCuistion once. The landlord then agreed he could stay if the state would agree to pay $1100 a month for him to live there.

In late August, McCuistion's attorneys filed a motion to allow him to move to an apartment building in the 1200 block of North Lincoln. The landlord there agreed to take McCuistion in, provided the state pay $900 a month for his rent and utilities.

The landlord also agreed to provide the security required by the court.

10 sex offenders already live in that facility and are under Dept. of Corrections supervision. There are five level one offenders, three level two offenders and two level three offenders. 

The judge has asked the state to do an evaluation of the property to see if it's an appropriate place for McCuistion to live. That report is due October 13th.

Court records show McCuistion has largely followed the court's rules since being released in Spokane last year. Recently, though, he was found to have left the facility without his required GPS device. The court is investigating that violation.