Collared grizzly bear print spotted in Coeur d'Alene National Forest

KOOTENAI CO., Idaho - The Idaho Department of Fish and Game wants to remind the public about proper hunting protocol after a collared grizzly bear paw print was spotted northeast of Magee in the Coeur d’Alene National Forest on Tuesday. 

IDFG wants to use the spotting as a reminder for spring black bear hunters to be aware of grizzly activity in the area. According to a release from IDFG, grizzly bears and black bears can be found in most of the Panhandle and people are encouraged to take the appropriate precautions when recreating in bear country. 

Hunters are encouraged to review their black bear identification skills to avoid mistaken identity. IDFG said size and color are not reliable indicators of the species. Officials said the it is best to look at multiple features in order to make the right call; grizzlies have short, rounded ears, a dished face profile and a shoulder hump. 

Grizzly bears are federally protected in northern Idaho and there is currently no hunting season. 

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