City tests new product to prevent potholes on Spokane's streets

City tests new product to prevent pot holes on Spokane's streets
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City tests new product to prevent pot holes on Spokane's streets

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane drivers are all too familiar with potholes and the damage they can cause. 

With winter on the way, city road crews are testing a new material that could potentialy keep streets pothole-free for a longer period of time. 

Each winter, Spokane sees freeze and thaw cycles. Potholes form when moisture seeps into street cracks and freezes. Combine that with heavy traffic and you’d better prepare for a bumpy ride. 

Already this year, city crews have repaired 3,273 potholes.

As a company, Glaspave claims its product helps prevent new cracks from forming. 

It does so by adding a layer of fiberglass under the asphalt. Street crews grind out two inches of damaged asphalt, add one layer of liquid asphalt, and a layer of fiberglass fabric before pouring new asphalt. 

So, could Glaspave extend the life of Spokane roads? 

The city’s streets department has tested out a portion of Indiana, and will test the product’s performance each year to find out.