City snow plows running into trouble with residents not following snow plan rules

City snow plows running into trouble...

SPOKANE, Wash. - As the City of Spokane completed its second day of a three day full-city plow on Friday, plows in residential areas were having to maneuver their way around cars parked improperly according to the new city snow plan requirement. 

This year the City is asking residents to park on the odd sides of residential streets through the entirety of the snow season. The snow season runs until March 15.

"We want to plow efficiently and as much as possible," said Julie Happy, a spokesman for the City of Spokane. "If people continue to park on both sides of the streets, the berms will continue to grow and inevitably the plows won't be able to fit down streets because they will get too narrow."

KXLY crews watched plows working on the north side of town on Friday and watched them weave around cars that were in the way. 

"Seems logical for the city to want the roads clear," said Dale Moses. "You won't have cars being blocked in."

Moses points out that it can be a challenge for residents and especially elderly residents to find parking near their homes if all the cars in a neighborhood are condensed onto one side of the road, but hopes people will before conditions get worse. 

The City says they aren't currently towing or ticketing improperly parked cars, but if the problem gets worse it is an option that is on the table. They say they don't want to have to consider that option however. 

For more information on the City's snow response operations, click here.