City commits additional $510,000 to homeless shelter system

SPOKANE, Wash. - On Wednesday, the City of Spokane commmitted an additional $510,000 to resume an important component of the 24/7 homeless shelter system pilot that was disrupted last month.

Nearly half of the money to provide 24/7 shelter space for men and women through the end of the year will come from a special budget ordinance that was unanimously approved by the City Council.

The city has contributed $602,694 to the 24/7 shelter system pilot to date this year.

The 2018 budget will propose nearly $1.1 million in total funding for the 24/7 shelter system.

The city is finalizing contract details with the House of Charity to provide shelter services for men and women as part of the complete 24/7 system.

Under the agreement, the city would pay $510,000 for the service.

House of Charity provided 24/7 shelter services for men and women as part of the pilot program, but discontinued it in May.

Re-establishing that program is expected to be done in steps beginning with sheltering women on July 1.

Full implementation is expected by mid-July.

“The City of Spokane is stepping up.” said Council Member Lori Kinnear. “This gives us time to come up with long-term solutions in coordination with our other community partners.”