CDA high school on alert after student's life was threatened

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - Update: On Tuesday, local police were still present at the school and were still investigating the situation. Although many students stayed home on Monday, many of those same students returned to school the next day.

Original Story: Police want to know who's behind threatening messages sent to a student at Lake City High School.

Someone told a female student they were going to shoot her at school when she refused to send nude photos.

The school district responded to those threatening messages on Monday saying it knows parents are worried, but assures them that students at Lake City High School are safe. 

Police and Lake City High School officials have been interviewing students and are trying to get to the bottom of who is behind these threats. 

Police said they do not believe the threat is credible, but the person who sent the messages used apps that would specifically hide their identity. Police believe these messages could have come from anyone. They are working with the social media app to find the person responsible. 

At Lake City High School the district isn't taking threats to its students' safety lightly. 

Principal Deanne Clifford was alerted by a school coach that someone had threatened to bring a gun to school and shoot a Lake City student.

Police said the threat was made against the girl's life when she refused to send a nude photo through an anonymous social media app.

This threat came after others that had been made against the school on social media on Friday and Saturday. 

The threats caused some parents to keep their kids home from school on Monday.

Clifford said she understands their concerns, but wants parents to know the school is doing everything it can to keep students safe. 

Clifford said lake city updated the district hourly on what was happening so that area principals could be assured no students were in danger.

Police officers patrolled multiple schools in the district on Monday looking for suspicious activity. 

They are still looking for any information regarding this case.

If you know anything please call the Coeur d'Alene police department. Anonymous tips are still welcome.