Burglar crawls through doggy door; busted by deputy

SPOKANE, Wash - A Spokane County woman helped deputies nab the man who broke into her home through her doggy door. 

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office says a woman was working from home on February 16th when someone rang her doorbell three times. She didn't recognize the man, so she didn't let him in. She then saw him walk away from the front of the home.

A short time later, she heard someone pounding on the back of the home. When she came downstairs, she saw a man who had already pulled the doggy door from the wall and crawled into her home. She yelled and the man ran out the back door. She was able to snap a picture of his vehicle as he drove away. A neighbor saw the burglar and the vehicle as well.

Deputies searched the area for the man and the green/gray van with a white stripe; they weren't able to immediately find him.

The next day, Deputy Alex Velikodnyy spotted the vehicle at the gas station at 3rd and Thor. He stopped the vehicle and spoke to the driver, identified as 55-year old Bobby Holt. At first, he said he was driving the van the day before. When asked about the break-in, he said his friend was driving the van, but he couldn't give deputies his friend's name.

Deputies ran Holt's name and found he was driving with a suspended license. Upon his arrest on that charge, deputies found meth, $700 cash and two memory drives.

Deputies showed a photo montage to the burglary victim and her neighbor, who identified Holt as the man they saw the day before. 

Holt was booked into the jail on charges of residential burglary and drug charges. 


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