Browne's Addition close to becoming a historic neighborhood

Residents vote whether or not Browne's Addition will become a historic district

The owner of this Browne's Addition mansion is in favor of making the neighborhood a historic district. 

Residents vote whether or not Browne's Addition will become a historic district

SPOKANE, Wash. - Browne’s Addition is one step closer to becoming a historic district. Property owners in the area are currently voting on the decision, and so far, the “yes” votes are winning. 

As of Tuesday morning, only three more yes votes are needed to move the proposal forward. Megan Duvall with the Historic Preservation Office said the proposal needs 50 percent, plus one vote, to pass; meaning 186 yes votes are needed. 

Browne’s Addition is Spokane’s oldest neighborhood and is made up of historic buildings, many of which are already on the historic registry. The proposed district would require property owners to get board approval for any exterior renovations to their property, but they would not need approval for painting or landscaping. 

Property owners would also get help with their property taxes. They could receive up to 10 years of reduced property taxes, as well as a 20 percent income tax credit for income-producing properties like rental apartments or retail establishments. 

Ballots are due August 22. If the proposal is approved by voters, it then moves up to the Spokane City Council. 

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