Authorities find dangerous drug lab in Rock Island home

ROCK ISLAND, Wash. - On Wednesday, authorities found a dangerous drug lab at a home in Douglas County.

Multiple law enforcement agencies, including The Washington State Patrol SWAT team were involved in the investigation.

While investigating the home, authorities found multiple dangerous and volitile chemicals.

DMT (dimethyltryptamine) and BHO (butane honey oil) were both being produced in the house.

Authorities are especially concerned about the BHO found in the residence.

BHO can deliver extremely large amounts of THC to users and it is believed that with the increase of vaporizing or vaping, the demand for BHO is on the rise.

Individuals can now smoke a concentrated dose of THC and avoid the traditional marijuana odor.

Officials are monitoring the atmosphere of the home for hazardous conditions.

They are currently working to contain any hazardous substances associated with the drug manufacturing processes that were housed in the residence.

Nobody has been charged or booked into jail so far, but the investigation is still underway.