After nearly 50 years, Sun Dance Golf Course closing for good

SPOKANE, Wash - After 50 years of drives, putts and pitches, Sun Dance Golf Course in Nine Mile Falls is calling it quits.

In a letter posted to Facebook Wednesday, the owners of Sun Dance said they sold the family business to another company, Sun Dance West, LLC,  last year. According to the letter, "it is the decision of the new ownership that after the 2018 season, the property will cease to operate as a golf course."

Shelly and Gil Price say they've decided to close the course earlier than normal to prepare for winter and "ensure a smooth transition with the new owners." 

The course will close permanently on September 30th. 

"For all the employees that have worked at Sun Dance, the neighbors who have watched over the course, and to those that golfed at the Dance, you will never be forgotten," the Facebook post reads. "You are and always will be in our hearts, you will always be family."