7-year-old sisters honored for cleaning up park

On a hot and smoky day, two 7-year-old Spokane sisters spent the afternoon cleaning up the park they love. They didn't do it for recognition or awards, but that's exactly what they're getting. 

In August, Vandals spray painted curse words all over Loma Vista Park, which is one of the places Aurora and Adaya play. Father Jacob Gallion told KXLY that the girls have grown up playing at that park, so when they saw the graffiti, they got to work. 

On Thursday, the girls were awarded challenge coins, which is how Spokane's Parks and Recreation leaders honor people who put the community first. 

Bret Allen, who first spotted the graffiti and helped clean it up, said it was great to see the sisters get some recognition. 

"It was really cool that they showed up, like, they didn't complain," Allen said. "As soon as they were done with that, they were like, what else can we do?"


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