#happylife: 5 free back-to-school apps for parents

SPOKANE, Wash. - Getting kids ready to head back to school can be a stressful time. That's why 4 News Now tracked down these helpful apps for parents. 

Cozi App: Organize your family's life with this app. It includes a shared, color-coded schedule that you can use to coordinate activities, early releases, grocery shopping, and even recipes. 

Find My Kids App: This is a great way for parents to see where your kids are and what's going on around them. You can download it to your child's phone connect it to a child's GPS watch. One unique feature includes being able to listen to what's going on around your child if they don't answer your call. They can also send signals for help, without calling. 

myHomework App: Get organized early with this app. It's designed to keep track of assignments, tests, projects. The color-coding feature helps determine which assignments go with certain classes. 

LaLa Lunchbox App: Make packing up lunch for your kids easier than ever with this app. Children pick out virtual lunch items and fill their lunch box on the app. The options were curated by a dietician and there are plenty of options for kids who have specific eating restrictions. This is fun for children and makes shopping easier. 

Durham Bus Tracker App: If your child doesn't have a phone, no worries. The Spokane School District uses this app for parents to get updates on where a bus is in real time. It works when a child swipes their electronic pass on and off the bus.