4 Things to Know for May 8th

SPOKANE, Wash. - Here's four things to know on this post-Bloomsday Monday morning.

Spokane police were involved in a shooting Sunday evening. Just after 6:00 p.m. police received a call about a reckless driver in Northeast Spokane. The initial car pursuit ended near Bridgeport and Perry, but then the driver got out of his vehicle and fled on foot, allegedly threatening neighbors with a knife in the process. First responders called for medics as they pursued the suspect, claiming he was stabbing himself.  Spokane police officers attempted to communicate with the man. When that didn't work, one of the officers deployed his taser, which also failed to bring down the suspect. Three officers resorted to shooting at the man, who then fell to the ground. No officers were injured during the altercation, and the suspect remains in the hospital. Full story here

All-day construction on I-90 begins today. Crews are working to repair aging bridge joints and cracked surfaces. The interstate has had evening and overnight lane restrictions for a week now, but beginning today eastbound I-90 will be reduced to two lanes of traffic between Division and Altamont until the end of the month. After that, both directions will be reduced, along with some temporary closure periods on the Altamont on and off ramps. Both directions of I-90 are expected to reopen Memorial weekend, but the Washington DOT is suggesting that drivers take alternate routes to and from downtown for the time being.

Republicans across the country facing angry constituents after supporting the new healthcare bill. Republican lawmakers have been telling angry crowds the bill does protect preexisting conditions, while others are saying that coverage could wind up being unaffordable for many people with preexisting conditions.

The number of Bloomsday finishers was down this year. Race director Don Kardong says 38,748 of the nearly 43,000 who registered, actually crossed the finish line. You have to go all the way back to 1985 to find that small a number of finishers, and this is only the second time since then that fewer than 40,000 finished the race. Bloomsday numbers peaked in 1996 with more than 56,000 finishers.