4 for 4: Getting to know Spokane Valley City Council candidate Brandi Peetz

Brandi Peetz is a candidate for Spokane Valley City Council position no. 2. 

Peetz is currently a Spokane Valley City Council member. She joined the council in 2017. She has also served as a Spokane County 911 operator, an officer manager and insurance specialist for a medical office, and has served on the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement. She is also a graduate of the Spokane County Sheriff's Office Citizen's Academy. 

Peetz holds an associate's degree from Spokane Community College, as well as a bachelor's of criminal justice and sociology from Gonzaga University. 

Peetz answered the following four questions for 4 News Now. 

What is the biggest issue currently facing Spokane Valley?  

Finding an equitable way to fund the maintenance and preservation of our streets and roads that spreads the cost over all the users of our infrastructure.  

What are potential opportunities of Spokane Valley's growth and what challenges need to be addressed?  

Economic growth means job and career opportunities for our citizens and upcoming graduates.  These companies and businesses will also contribute to our property tax base and sales tax revenue.   The challenges are to have the necessary infrastructure in place to accommodate the increase in traffic and housing availability.

What is your stance on the proposed development of the old Painted Hills Golf Course?  

The amount of development proposed will put considerable strain on the surrounding streets so the City needs to work with the developers on how to mitigate the increases in traffic. 

What personal accomplishment are you most proud of? 

While attending Spokane Community College and working 3 jobs, I was awarded an academic scholarship to attend Gonzaga University. It is because of the opportunities afforded to me at Gonzaga University, that I found my voice and passion for giving back to our city. It's hard to pick just one accomplishment because I'm proud of the adversity I've been able to overcome to be where I am today.