Additional $10,000 reward offered for information on Grant County haystack arsonist

GRANT CO., Wash. - The Arson Alarm Foundation has put out an additional $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of a haystack arsonist, this in addition to the previous $5,000 reward offered by the Grant County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday.



The Arson Alarm Foundation issued their own advisory through the Grant County Sheriff's Office, offering the reward. They say to be eligible, you must call 1-800-55-ARSON.

They also compiled a list of locations for the '2019 Grant County Haystack Arsons':

  • Road 6 NW & Rd N.5 NW
  • Rd 3 NW & O NW
  • Rd U NE & Rd 2 NE
  • Adams Rd NW & Rd 9 NW
  • Rd U NE & Rd 3 NE
  • Rd 9 NW & Rd I.5 NW
  • Rd 3 NW & Rd A NW
  • 4500 block of Rd 3 NW
  • Rd 3 NW & Division Rd N
  • Rd L SE & Rd 4 SE
  • Beverly Burke Rd & Hwy 26
  • 8000 blk Martin Rd. NW

The Sheriff's Office put out the original advisory on Tuesday, encouraging homeowners with haystacks to implement surveillance cameras and perimeter alarms. They also urge people to rake areas around the haystacks and along the access routes to them, which can help deputies identify shoe prints and tire marks in the soil.

For assistance setting up cameras, you can contact the Multi Agency Communications Center (MACC) non-emergency dispatch line at 509-762-1160, and ask for a deputy to assist you.

For more information, you can check the official alert here.