News you should know for your Thursday morning

News you should know for your Thursday morning
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Happy almost-Friday! Today will be sunny but breezy with a high of 75. The heat is on its way back for the weekend, though!

Here’s what you should know to start off your morning:

Lawmaker responds to “Send her back” chants

President Donald Trump is continuing his days-long attack on four minority congresswomen. When he brought up Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, the crowd began chanting “Send her back!” Pres. Trump made no effort to stop the chant, pausing during his remarks as the chant grew louder. In response, Omar tweeted an excerpt from the Maya Angelou poem “Still I Rise.”

All fun & games, until…

Have you used FaceApp? If not, you’ve definitely seen it on social media. It’s that app that can make you look younger, older or like a different gender. It’s exploded over the past few days, being used by millions of Americans and plenty of celebrities. Now, it’s raising privacy concerns because it was developed by Russians. Lawmakers have suggested investigating the app, and the Democratic National Committee warned 2020 presidential candidates to avoid it.

Spokane Public School board delays budget vote

In its meeting last night, the Spokane Public School Board postponed a $459 million budget vote. A spokesman said board members wanted more time to consider how to spend the reserve fund. They’ve been trying to come up with more ways to save money after letting go of 106 employees– including 32 teachers– in recent months. Read what happened last night here and find some more background here.