News to know to start your Thursday

News to know to start your Thursday
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Happy Thursday. In the forecast, we’re expecting a much milder day today with clouds and temperatures near 70 degrees. We could see a few more showers, but the region is likely done with thunderstorms for now.

Here’s what you should know to start your Thursday off:

Debate 1: Night 2

The second batch of 10 democratic presidential candidates will take the stage in Miami tonight for the second round of the first official debate of the 2020 election. Tonight’s heat includes race front-runners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Last night, we heard a lot from Sen. Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee was also on the stage, but according to the New York Times and NPR, he logged the least amount of speaking time of any candidate. If you missed round one, here’s a recap.

Picketers at Sacred Heart

Today members of the Washington State Nurses Association will hold an ‘informational picket’ in front of Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane. They say they’re protesting “proposed cuts of benefits for thousands of workers across the state by Providence,” their employer. Similar events have happened in Spokane over recent months and will be happening simultaneously today in Everett and Olympia. Picketers say Providence is trying to take away accrued sick leave and failing to address staffing shortages.

Five decisions are coming

The Supreme Court has five cases left to decide in its current term, which is expected to wrap up by the end of June. That means in the next few days, decisions are expected on all remaining cases. Two high-profile decisions left include that citizenship question on the 2020 census and the issue of extreme partisan gerrymandering. Keep your eye out for those rulings but if you need to read up on what exactly they are in the meantime, check here.

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