News to know for your Monday

News to know for your Monday
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Happy Monday morning. The weekend’s beautiful weather will continue today, expect more sunshine with a high of 81. Here’s the news you need to know as you get your week started:

Spokane woman disappears

Investigators are still looking for a 24-year-old woman who hasn’t been seen in more than a week. Arezu Kashify was last seen May 25 when she dropped her kids off at school. Neither her nor her husband came to pick them up. Investigators say her husband purchased a one-way plane ticket on May 28 and left the country. The couple was reportedly having marital trouble and the Sheriff’s Office said Kashify has no access to money and is ordinarily very good at keeping in contact with family and friends.

President Trump gets the royal treatment

The Queen of England will open the gates to Buckingham Palace to welcome President Trump for an honorary state visit today. President Trump is only the third U.S. president to be honored with a state visit hosted by the Queen, joining President George W. Bush and President Obama. Meanwhile, London’s Mayor has spoken up against the visit, saying the UK shouldn’t “roll out the red carpet” for President Trump. In response, Trump called Sadiq Kahn “a stone cold loser” on Twitter this morning.

Waking up a millionaire?

Somebody in North Carolina is. Whoever has this weekend’s winning Powerball ticket may choose between 30 graduated payments over 29 years that total $344.6 million or a lump sum payment of $223.3 million. If you’ve ever wondered how tall a stack of $100 bills totaling $344.6 million would be, Powerball says it would be taller than the 1,063-foot Eiffel Tower.

No more red-light cameras

The nation’s second-largest state has banned red-light traffic cameras. Critics say the cameras are unconstitutional and contribute to traffic accidents. The ban takes effect Sept. 1.

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