News to know for Wednesday morning

News to know for Wednesday morning
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You made it to mid-week! Already looking ahead to the weekend? Good news: Chief Meteorologist Kris Crocker says today we’re kicking off a warming trend that will take us into the mid 70s by the end of the Memorial Day Weekend.

Here are the headlines you need to know to get your Wednesday started:

Giving back to the earth after death? Human composting now legal in Washington.

Governor Jay Inslee has now signed legislation making Washington state the first in the country to legalize human composting. The law recognizes “natural organic reduction,” sometimes referred to as liquid cremation, as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burying or cremation. The process uses wood chips, straw and other substances to turn the human body into soil.

McDonald’s employees say ‘Time’s Up’

Twenty-five lawsuits and federal complaints have been filed in 20 cities across the country, accusing the fast-food company McDonald’s of sexual harassment, gender-based discrimination and subsequent retaliation against employees. McDonald’s CEO said the company “is committed to ensuring a harassment and bias-free workplace.”

Finally headed home

A Montana trooper who was shot in the line of duty more than two months ago will finally be able to return to his home today. Trooper Wade Palmer was brutally shot in the head, face and neck while he was in his patrol car on March 15. He was airlifted to Salt Lake City for treatment and has been receiving care ever since. His doctors say he is finally ready to leave the hospital so today, he’ll fly to Missoula where a motorcade will escort him home.

Sorry, dissatisfied GOT fans

If the Game of Thrones finale left you wanting more, don’t hold your breath.HBO’s programming president said there will absolutely not be a sequel.

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