Newman Lake man killed in hit and run outside Oklahoma City club

Newman Lake man killed in hit and run outside Oklahoma City club

A Newman Lake family is mourning the loss of a beloved husband and father who was killed in an alleged drunken hit and run outside a club in Oklahoma City.

Rob Blackburn was run over three times by a vehicle early Sunday morning outside the Double D Saloon.

Blackburn’s family is trying to come to terms with the fact that he is no longer with them. Blackburn’s family says he was the type of person who made friends instantly, no matter where he was.

“He could walk into any room and everyone just loved him. I mean, he was the nicest, most genuine person,” said Chance Blackburn, Rob’s son.

That friendly personality was on display the night Blackburn died. He was at the club watching Chance ride Supercross on TV. Chance is in his first year as a professional rider, and Blackburn made sure that everyone in the bar knew it.

“The guy that was serving him that night and watching Supercross with him, because that bartender was a fan of Supercross, he messaged me on Facebook, he reached out this morning, and said your dad was very proud of you and your sister and talking about it,” Chance said.

It was shortly after that, though, that tragedy struck. Blackburn saw an alleged drunk driver back into another vehicle in the parking lot of the Double D Saloon. Blackburn then tried to stop the man from driving away.

Police say the driver ran over Blackburn. When he found himself blocked by another parked car, the driver then backed over Blackburn again, and drove over him a third time before leaving the scene of the crime. Blackburn died from his injuries.

Police arrested 28-year-old Michael Burke. Chance says his family is glad Burke was arrested, but it will never bring their father back.

Blackburn’s family is now trying to focus on the good memories of a man who brought so much life into everyone’s life.

“He was always happy,” Chance said. “Always smiling with a little bit of chew grains in his teeth. Just the best.”

Burke is facing several charges, including first degree manslaughter. Police say he was clearly intoxicated when he was arrested.

The Blackburn family is bringing Rob’s body back to Washington for a funeral. A GoFundMe has been created to help cover the costs. You can check it out to donate here.