New year brings higher utility rates

New year brings higher utility rates

The City of Spokane is implementing utility rates increases for the next three years.

According to the City, the rate proposals will work to do the following:

-Promote affordability for all
-Offer a $10 monthly credit program to help some of the most vulnerable citizens (low-income seniors and disabled individuals who qualify for state property tax exemptions)
-Invest in neighborhoods, including additional community cleanups and litter control and for grading of unpaved streets and alleys that are used to deliver solid waste services.
-Continue projects to improve the health of the Spokane River, including major upgrades at the Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility and construction to manage overflows from combined wastewater and stormwater sewers.

For 2018, a typical residential customer’s City monthly utility bill will increase by $3.47 a month, with similar increases for 2019 and 2020.

The chart below includes a closer look at the components of that typical bill, which includes 15,000 gallons of water use and a 68-gallon garbage cart. The water-wastewater capital charge pays for capital infrastructure projects in areas of water, wastewater and stormwater.


Base Charge




68-gallon Garbage Cart













Water/Wastewater Capital



2018 TOTAL


2019 TOTAL


2020 TOTAL


*Assumes 15,000 gallons of water usage.

Commercial and business customers will see the same 2.9 percent increase, but their bills are structured somewhat differently, based on the size of their water service line and other factors.

The new rates will take effect on January 1 of each year.