New WSU football coach helps create Coaches Coalition For Progress

PULLMAN, Wash. — When the Washington State Cougar football team finally gets together in Pullman, it will be different.  But change isn’t always a bad thing, in terms of change for equality, it’s tough to think of anything better.  WSU’s new defensive ends coach AJ Cooper is doing what he can to start the change now.

“I expressed my emotion and frustration, I remember ending meeting saying ‘hey I’m going to figure out a way to make a difference and do something and you guys will see by my action,'” Cooper explained to his players.

Seeing the protests around the nation toward racial equality have hit home for Cooper, and sitting quietly just isn’t for him.

“I’m a black man and it hit home and I just felt like if we sat back and tweeted a couple things, you didn’t do anything,” Cooper explains.

Cooper then received a phone call from a childhood friend, University of San Francisco head basketball coach Todd Golden.  The two were joined by five more college coaches and the Coaches Coalition For Progress was born.

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“Long term goals are open conversations on both sides and as well with wour own temas and teams being able to speake to them, it’s going to be incorporated with our own teams as well,” Cooper says.

Cooper says the current Cougar football team has bonded a lot over the past two months through zoom meetings and have spoken openly about racism.  Cooper says a coach’s job is to unify a locker room, and making them better people when they leave.

“This is why when we got here, we’re talking about making better men,” Cooper explains.  “Better fathers, husbands, better community leaders, if you guys continue to buy into those things, you can go back into your communities and really make a positive change.”

You don’t have to be a coach to donate to the new group, you can visit their website at, or send an e-mail to