New video game simulates COVID-19 in a workplace environment

SPOKANE, Wash. — COVID-19 has affected everything, and that now includes the video game industry.

The recently published “COVID Simulator” is a game where you build an office space while mitigating the spread of the virus.

The game allows users to create their own workplaces, hire and fire workers, and even adjust the strength of the virus. The goal is to create an environment where COVID-19 can exist without risking large-scale workplace infections.

The game has players make many other decisions too. You can adopt vaccine and mask mandates, encourage pro/anti-vaccine behavior, and give “alternative medicine” treatments.

“COVID Simulator is so well made it’s a little depressing,” said Kotaku, a game reviewing website.

The game is only available on the Steam marketplace. You check out COVID Simulator and play a free demo here.

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